Aberdeen Flower Delivery - Summer Flowers

Published : 29/07/2016 15:21:16
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Aberdeen Flower Delivery - Summer Flowers

Nothing can take a wonderful summer's day and make it even better than having the perfect bunch of summer flowers delivered direct to your front door! However, to select the best summer flowers possible, you'll want to be aware of the top flower choices that are most in keeping with this season. To help with this below we've outlined the best flowers for summer and also throw in some delivery and gift ideas.

Orange Flame Marigolds
Our absolute highest recommendation for any selection of summer flowers is orange flame marigolds. Something about this incredible flower with its deep orange plume is just so evocative of summer. Add this to the fact that they are incredibly easy to take care of and are available in various colours, including yellow and white, allowing for multiple contrast options, and is clear that any gift of summer flowers should include a generous proportion of marigolds within it. Our expert florists in Aberdeen can deliver a beautiful arrangement made to your choice. 
Gaillardia are wonderful summer flowers and their fiery red and deep yellow colours make them an ideal choice to include marigolds for the summer. 
A sensational flower variety that really ought to be included in all summer flower selections is the zinnia. These are not only reliable bloomers, which are able to easily withstand a little Scottish rain, but they are also spectacular to look at. They come in a variety of different colours, with violet and light yellow being our strongest recommendations to complement with the gaillardia and orange flame marigolds mentioned above.
Summer Gift Ideas
When putting together a beautiful selection of flowers to send as a gift, why not add in an additional item to make the recipient even happier? Adding in a signed greetings card or a little bottle of good wine to enjoy in these warm summer weeks can make even the perfect bunch of flowers just that little bit more special!

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