Flower Care Tips from Florists Aberdeen

Boutique Flowers Aberdeen recommend that your flower care procedure should include the following steps. Cut flowers can easily wilt and following these tips from our professional and skilled Aberdeen florists will help prolong the life of your arrangements. They require proper flower care in order to extend their life span. Timely care will also help them maintain their fresh look for a longer time. Keep in mind these tips about taking good care of your flowers. Follow these excellent tips from the Aberdeen florists!

Using Clean & Fresh Water In The Container

Our Aberdeen florists advise that when caring for your flowers you should regularly change the water in the vases. Always use a clean container for your flowers, this will help to prolong the life of them. You can also mix flower food which we always provide with your arrangement, which will help essential nutrients for the flowers. Changing the water will help get rid of bacteria in the vase which will shorten the life of the flowers. This will wilt your flowers over time. If the water appears cloudy then it's a sure sign that you will need to change the water. Your flowers bouquets and other arrangements deserve the greatest of care to ensure they are kept beautiful for an extended period of time. 

Cutting The Stems

Cut The Stems Properly

The Aberdeen florists advise that one of the most important parts of caring for your flowers is cutting the flower stems correctly. You will have to ensure that the stems of your flowers from us are properly trimmed. In the past it used to be recommended to bash the flower stems as this would allow more surface area for the flowers to drink the water. This however is not the best practice as it can lead to bacteria taking hold of the flowers, therefore the floristswould advise against doing this.  It might be a good idea to re-cut the stem while the flowers have already been placed in the water.

Cut the stems 2 inches below water. This will prevent the formation of any air bubbles which could have otherwise ruined the life of your flowers. While placing the flowers into the container, you should ensure that the foliage under the water line is first removed. Strip any leaves from your flowers that might be resting in the water if not removed. If the foliage is drenched in water it will rot which is why our Aberdeen Florists recommend that you remove them. This will keep your flower bouquets and arrangements looking and smelling beautiful.

Purchasing Fresh Flowers From Reputable Florists

Caring for cut Roses and Aberdeen flowersQuality is an important factor when buying flowers. It is advised that you purchase your flowers only from a reputable florist. We have the required knowledge and experience for proper handling of your flowers. Boutique Flowers will also be able to make the flower care process slightly easier for you. We will clear up the thorns from the roses and also include special flower food sachets that have been proven to help extend your flowers' lifespan. Your money will be well spent when you purchase higher quality flowers as the standard of flowers here at is excellent and means that not only will the flowers be beautiful but they will also live longer for your recipients to enjoy. All of the flowers used here in Aberdeen are imported directly to us several times a week by our suppliers in the Netherlands to ensure that they are as fresh as can be. Purchasing the best quality of flowers is a great start and our Florists Aberdeen know that proper conditioning will help to further increase the lifespan of your flowers and. This process will ensure that your flowers will last longer and stay fresh and beautiful, brightening up the homes of the ones you love when you order from the Aberdeen florists.

Caring For Cut Roses And Other Aberdeen Flowers

Roses are among the most attractive of all cut flowers and there are many occasions for which you may order roses the Aberdeen florists. However, these gorgeous blooms require special treatment to help them preserve their freshness. Florists Aberdeen advise that you place your flowers in a cool place since too much heat can cause your bouquets and arrangements to wilt. You can use cold water to revive a wilted rose towards the end of its life. For any further information on the correct care for your roses and other cut flowers you should feel free to contact us and we will use our expertise to help work out what is best in your situation.

Conditioning Your Aberdeen Flowers

You can correctly extend your flowers' life by following the conditioning process as recommended by our Aberdeen florists. Always ensure that any bucket, container or the vase into which you place your flower bouquets and arrangements has been disinfected. Remember, bacteria breeds in dirty containers and will instantly shorten the lifespan of your flowers. While you are busy conditioning your flowers, just place them in clean fresh warm water that has been mixed with flower food. Use warm water rather than cold water. This is ideal for your flowers since it tends to contain less air. This in turn will limit the chances of any air blockage within the stems which can be very harmful to your flower arrangements. Our florists always care for your flowers to the standard they deserve before they reach you so once they are delivered it’s just up to you to continue this process to ensure a longer lifespan and greater freshness and beauty for whatever you decide to order. We know how important it is that flowers be a special and elegant gift for any occasion so we recommend that you take great care to ensure they stay looked after.

Preparing Your Flowers For The VaseArranging Your Flowers In The Vase

Always use a non-metal vase or container for arranging your flowers in. The florists in Aberdeen suggest that you could add flower food and lukewarm water before you start arranging your flowers in the vase. After you have beautifully arranged your arrangements, place them away from direct heat or sunlight which would cause them to wilt. Top your vase up daily with clean fresh water. If your flowers start drooping, simply re-cut their stems by using a sharp knife. If you have bought roses that have started to droop at the top, just re-cut the stem and place it in cold water for about an hour to revive the rose.

Using Preservatives 

Your local Aberdeen Florists will have provided you with a sachet of preservatives. For best results, always stick to the instructions provided by us. These preservatives will not only serve as food for the flowers but also extend protection from any type of bacterial invasion. The water that will nourish your flowers should be fresh and clean all the time. Change the water twice a week if you are using any commercial preservatives. When not using any preservatives, then change the water of your arrangements daily.

After following these above easy tips, you will be able to enjoy your flowers for much longer. Flowers will bring an incredible charm to any room and our florists want to ensure that yours can do so for as long as possible. Flower care may not seem like the easiest thing to do. However, by keeping in mind the above tips, you can extend the life span of any cut flowers you buy from us.